Scripting in Bash to Export pdfs to a Kindle

2019-11-15 • 2 minutes to read

In an effort to convert two column pdfs to the Kindle format, I found that an accepted solution did not at present exist. Converting a single column pdf is simple enough, but with two columns most programs are unable to correctly order the text.

However, one program was able to order columns into images: k2pdfopt. Unfortunately as this was no longer a pdf I had to use a program to read text from an image: tesseract. Finally the text could now be converted to the Kindle EPUB format using calibre.



Here is the script:


mkdir out
cp $INPUT out/
cd out/

for pdf in $INPUT; do

    TITLE=$(pdfinfo $pdf | grep -Po 'Title:\s*\K.*')
    AUTHOR=$(pdfinfo $pdf | grep -Po 'Author:\s*K.*')
    DATE=$(pdfinfo $pdf | grep -Po 'CreationDate:\s*\K.*')

    echo | k2pdfopt $pdf -o out_$pdf

    OUTPUT=out.txt # set to the final output file
    ENDPAGE=$(cpdf -pages out_$pdf)  # set to pagenumber of the last page of PDF you wish to convert

for i in $(seq -w 000 $ENDPAGE); do
    pdfimages out_$pdf temp
    echo processing page $i
    tesseract temp-$i.ppm tempoutput
    touch out.txt
    cat tempoutput.txt >> $OUTPUT

rm *.ppm
awk ' /^$/ { print "\n"; } /./ { printf("%s ", $0); } END { print ""; } ' $OUTPUT > $pdf.txt

ebook-convert $pdf.txt $ --authors="$AUTHOR" --title="$TITLE" --title-sort="$TITLE" --pubdate="$DATE"

rm temp*
rm *.txt
rm *.html


rm *.pdf

Ensure a copy of the original pdf is made, at present this script will delete any pdf in the directory.

To use this script, simply place it in a directory and copy in pdfs to convert, first run chmod +x to make it executible, then run bash and it should work automatically.


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