About Me

2019-02-28 • 2 minutes to read

I am currently studying an integrated MSc and PhD in Data Analytics and Society through @DataCDT, with @GeoDataScience at the University of Liverpool. My project title is “Improving the Geolocation of Emergency Service Response through Big Data”

In addition to my studies I am very fond of the Linux operating system, particularly the distribution I have been running for a while now; Manjaro, with the i3 window manager. At present I maintain several Arch User Repository (AUR) PKGBUILD files for various tools and aim in the future to contribute more to various packages and other open source software, primarily through my contributions on Github. I have written an R package to share R markdown templates I produced for assignments during univerisyt, based on LaTeX and HTML/CSS, found here. I am passionate about reproducible science and programming, primarily using R and Python and am constantly looking to learn new tools to aid my work flow.

My text editor of choice is always neovim, my init.vim provides extensive tools allowing for IDE style features in both R and Python. My additional dotfiles are available here.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available here.

Given below is the transcript for my Geographic Data Science MSc, providing the grades achieved. Each module code provides a link to a github repository with my assessed work. Much of this work is further detailed in the portfolio section of this website.

Code Name Grade
COMP518 Database and Information Systems 82
ENVS416 Theorising Human Geography 85
ENVS418 Population and Health Analysis and Projection 75
ENVS441 Qualitative Research Methods 69
ENVS450 Social Survey Analysis 92
ENVS453 Spatial Analysis 78
ENVS456 Web Mapping and Analysis 86
ENVS563 Geographic Data Science 79
ENVS492 Dissertation 85
Overall 82.2